How to Import Pricing

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You can import fixed pricing for products in your managed feeds or your custom products using the CSV Product Importer. This article will show you how to bulk import pricing.


Requirements/Tools Needed:


Getting Started

1. From the Dashboard, go to Content and Select Products from the drop-down.



2. Click the green Import Products button.



3. Step 1, Introduction, explains the various import functions and also offers a button to Download an Example CSV File. This file can be used as a template for your own catalog data.

The required fields are columns: Brand, SKU, and Price*

*The pricing fields you can import include price.cost, price.listPrice, price.retailPrice


Once you are ready to proceed, click Next.



4. Step 2, Import Settings. Check the box to select that you are updating existing products. 

  • Update existing products in the database is for updating existing custom products or making changes to products in the Wondersign-managed vendor feeds (i.e Ashley Furniture, Tempur-Sealy, Flexsteel, etc.).

Please Note: If you wish to import NEW Products with pricing, follow How to Import Products article.

Update existing.png

When updating existing products, select from the three sub-options:

  • Skip empty fields: If a field in the Wondersign platform contains data and the same field in the CSV file does not, the importer will not delete the field information in the platform on import - as long as this option is checked. (This is recommended)
  • Skip items that originated from a 3rd party data feed: With this option selected, the import process skips items from a managed vendor feed and only updates custom items.
  • Enhance only: With this option checked, only empty fields on the Wondersign platform will be filled with content from the imported file.



5. Step 3, File Upload. Use the Choose File button to upload your CSV file from your computer. If you are using the provided template file or if your CSV has a header row, leave the box CSV Has Header Row checked. Select Next when you're ready to import.



6. Step 4, Column Mapping. The Wondersign platform automatically detects columns if the column header information matches. For all other columns, manually map the fields to the associated column. A green status indicates that columns are successfully mapped. Click Finish.

column mapping3.png


7. The import will be completed in the background. You will receive an email notification when the task is complete or you can view the import status details in your background tasks.

background tasks (1).png


Checking a Product with Fixed Pricing

When the import is complete, proceed to the Product Details page for a product that was included in the import. Select the Pricing tab and under Pricing Rule, you'll see Pricing is defined by: Fixed Prices, with the prices defined below.


Remove Fixed Prices and Switch Back to Price List Rules

If you'd like to revert back to your pricing rules, you can toggle Calculate using Price List Rules to ON for individual products or Learn How to Delete Fixed Pricing in bulk.

price list rules.png

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