How to View Shopping Cart Data

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View shopping cart data for additional insight into your sales process.


Requirements/Tools Needed:


Getting Started

1. Click Analytics from the Dashboard Menu and select Shopping Carts.



2. From the Shopping Carts page, select Devices. You can view all results or select specific devices. 



3. Next, select the date range. Choose from a list of options or create a custom range.



4. Your results will appear below based on your filters. You can edit which columns are visible.

Data includes:


  • A. Date and Time - Timestamp of the date and time the cart was shared or submitted
  • B. Recipient - Phone number or email the cart was sent to 
  • C. Customer Name - Name of customer
  • D. Cart Submitted - (Yes) if the cart was submitted for order through the kiosk
  • E. Items in Cart - A list of all of the items in the cart that includes the Amount (Quantity), SKU, Name, Manufacturer, and Sold for (Retail Price).


  • F. Cart Value- Total cart value (Retail) of products added
  • G. Employee Name - Name of employee assisting with the sale
  • H. Device - The name of the device where the cart was submitted
  • I. Comments - Comments left by the customer or sales associate
  • J. Response - If the receiver replies to the shared cart message - this is where you can see notifications and view responses to shared carts (see screenshot below).


Did you know? You can customize your cart checkout. Choose from a list of fields available. You also have the option to make fields required to help track the sales process and for marketing follow-up. Learn how to manage the checkout form fields.

5. Export the data to a CSV file or to JSON by clicking the Export buttons.


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