How Do I Delete Fixed Pricing

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You can reset and remove all imported or manually set Fixed Prices at once. Once Fixed Pricing is removed, all your products will automatically price to follow your set pricing rules.


The following instructions are for Wondersign's Advanced Product Pricing Engine.

Here are the two generations of our pricing engine side by side so you can determine which version you are on.



Requirements/Tools Needed:


Getting Started

1. From the Dashboard, click the Content tab, and select Prices.



2. Click Manage Pricing Rules.



3. Click Advanced Settings in the left menu.



4. Under the heading Clear All Fixed Prices, you will see the number of products with fixed prices. Click the link to view the products affected. 



5. To delete fixed prices, click the red button Clear All Fixed Prices.



6. A popup will appear with a warning message. If you'd like to restore your prices in the future, click the blue button Export Product Data to CSV File and save it to a safe place.



7. To confirm deletion of the fixed pricing click Clear All Fixed Prices.



8. A confirmation message will appear in the top right corner of the Dashboard when it's successfully scheduled for deletion.


Once complete, all Fixed Prices will be removed from products in your account. The pricing rules configured will now apply to the products.

Learn how to create a pricing rule.

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