How to Create a Catalog

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The Wondersign Commerce Automation Manager helps you curate custom catalogs for your different sales channels. With an advanced product selector, you can group products by Manufacturer, Brand, Category, SKU, and more. 


Requirements/Tools Needed:

Getting Started

1.  Click Content in the top navigation and select Catalogs from the drop-down menu.


2. Click Create Catalog.


3. Initiate the catalog. These simple settings will help you identify your catalog among others.

  • Provide a catalog title (Required) - the catalog title should be uniquely descriptive. You can edit this field at any time.
  • Assign a cover image (Optional) -  a cover image can help differentiate your catalog from others.
  • Include notes (Optional) - notes can be added for internal reference only.


Click Next when finished.


4.  Define the product selection. These settings will define the way you will select the products to include in your catalog in later steps.

Please Note: How you decide to define your product selection cannot be changed once the catalog is created. You will be able to apply/edit/remove additional filtering at any time.

Choose from the following options:

  • Please include all of my displayable productsall products provided by the data feed(s) associated with your account are added to the catalog.
  • I will choose one or more specific categories - target particular categories to include in the catalog (e.g. Beds).
  • I will choose specific Products - select individual products to include from the data feed(s) on your account (in later steps, the product selector tool helps you add these products by name, SKU, category, manufacturer, feed provider, or brand).
  • Apply additional filtering - check the box to use additional attributes such as feed provider, manufacturer, or consumer brand to group products. This filter can only be selected when creating a catalog for all displayable products or when targeting products by category.

    Use the text boxes to search for the provider, manufacturer, or consumer brand you want to filter by. You can add multiple options for each but are restricted to only one of the identifiers below:
    • feed provider(s)
    • manufacturer(s),
    • consumer brand(s)
  • Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) - toggle this setting to filter and ONLY include Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Products* (a great option for e-commerce). This filter can only be selected when creating a catalog for all displayable products or when targeting products by category.
    *Information is limited to the manufacturer and brands who provide this information. 

Click Next to proceed.


5. Review and confirm your selections.

Click Previous to go back and edit or click Finish to complete.



6. You'll be directed to your Catalog Summary page. From this tab, you can:

  • Add/Edit/Remove Catalog Image and Catalog Notes
  • View how many products are displayed in your catalog
  • View which devices the catalog is assigned to
  • Add or Edit filters by Feed Provider, Manufacturer, or Consumer Brand (use the text boxes to search)
  • Edit the filter for Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) products

Click Save Changes if any updates are made.



7. Select the Product Selection tab. This is where you can view, add, and exclude which products are included in your catalog. Continue to the following instructions for the previous settings:


All my displayable products

All products are available on your account are added to your catalog. To exclude a specific group of products from being shown use the article How to Remove Products from My Catalog.


Select specific categories

1. From your catalog summary, select the Product Selection tab.



2. You'll see a list of all parent categories. Select the parent category to expand a drop-down of all categories.



3. To get even more granular select a category to expand another drop-down of all subcategories. Select a variety of products in entire categories or expand to select one or more subcategories. 

For example, you can choose to add all products in the Accessories category or only add products from the Mirrors and Pillows subcategories.


When selecting a subcategory, you have additional options to filter the criteria for adding products to your catalog from this subcategory. Select the plus icon.



'Satisfy Rules'

Create filters applying to "any" number of attribute sets.

#1 This setting is applied to respect the 'satisfy rule' between each attribute set.

  • "Any" (or) - if a product is targeted with the filters in any of the attribute sets defined it will be included in the catalog.
    • For example, all products in both attribute sets in the image below are included in the catalog:
      • Set 1: Manufacturer = Ashley Furniture AND Product Type = Bedroom Mirrors
      • Set 2: Material = Metal

Create filters applying to "all" product attributes.

#2 This setting is applied to respect each attribute within an attribute set

  • "All" (and) - products are targeted within the attribute set if they meet all attribute rules defined.
    • For example, in the first attribute set products added have to meet both criteria: Manufacturer = Ashley Furniture AND Product Type = Bedroom Mirrors.

Please note: these settings cannot be edited.


Filter by the following attributes Direct Shipping, Manufacturer, Product Type, Assembly, Color, Material, and Style. 


Select Apply Filters when you have completed editing the attribute sets.


4. Once you've selected all categories and subcategories and applied your desired filters, click Save Changes.


5. From the summary tab, you'll be able to view the total number of products displayed. 


Please Notes: You can change the categories displayed at any time.


Select specific products

1. From your catalog summary, select the Product Selection tab.


2. Choose from the following options:


  • Choose Products - add products manually by searching by Feed Provider, Manufacturer, Consumer Brand, SKU, Category, or Product Name. (See more details in the next step)
  • Import CSV of Products to Select - import a CSV file with a list of SKUs (SKU and Manufacturer fields required).

3. If you're manually selecting products, click Choose Products. Use the menu to choose the attribute to search products by. Then use the text box to search the specific name, only one search term can be filtered at a time, except for categories.


  • Feed Provider - Search by the feed.
  • Manufacturer - Search by the manufacturer.
  • Consumer Brand - Search by the consumer brand.
  • SKU - Search by SKU.
  • Category - Search by category of products, you can include multiple categories at a time.
  • Product Name - Search by product name.

Once you enter your term into the search box, select Display Products. Use the checkboxes to select which products you want to include in your catalog. Click Add Selected Products.



You can continue the process with different searches. When complete, select Save Changes.



Please Note: You can add and remove products from your catalog at any time.


4. If you're importing products, select Import CSV of Products to Select. Then select Choose File. Once your file has been added, use the CSV checkbox to dictate if your file has a header row, and select Close.


The only required fields are SKU and Manufacturer. Ignore all other columns. Click Set.


Click Save Changes.


Next Steps

Learn how to assign your catalog to your device.

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