How to Create Multi-Pack Splitting Rules

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Products like pillows, bar stools, and lamps are often sold in multi-packs by the manufacturer. For example, to purchase a specific pillow that pillow may come in a box of 6 from the manufacturer.


Default Handling of Multi-Pack SKUs

By Default the cost of multi-pack items is represented as:

Cost for one individual item multiplied by the number of items included in a pack

Therefore, your pricing rules & multipliers displayed in the App are represented as the total price to purchase the carton/box.

For example, the stool below comes in a box as a "Set of 2". The cost for the set of 2 stools is $172.38. With a 2.25 multiplier rule, the cost of 2 stools (1 box) is $387.86.


Notice these multi-pack items are also marked with "Set of 2" in the product name as well as including a tag under the "Add to Cart" button that informs users of the number of items included in a box.

When you add a multi-pack item to the cart it is displayed with the same information - that way the shopper understands in this case that they are purchasing a box that includes 2 Stools.



How do I offer these items for sale individually?

Multi-pack splitting rules allow you to break up packs and price products per individual item.

For example, you may have a Stool that is sold as a "Set of 4" and your customer only wants to buy 3.  Multi-pack price rule settings allow you to price per individual item to allow shoppers to see pricing based on the exact number of items their buying.

Keep scrolling for information on the settings. Need another example or explanation watch here:

Please note: These settings and information is only available for products that include the 'Quantity of Items Included' datapoint shared by the Manufacturer. If available, this information can be found on the Product Details page in CAM.



The following instructions explain how to manage multi-pack splitting rules. 

Requirements/Tools Needed:

Getting Started

1. From the Dashboard, click the Content tab, and select Prices.


2. Click Manage Pricing Rules.



3. Click Advanced Settings in the left menu.



4. Under Multi-Pack Splitting, select the toggle for Allow the sale of individual items (break up multi-packs).


5. When enabled, more advanced settings are displayed where you can choose to:

A. Require a minimum order quantity.

When toggled on, this setting allows you to set a minimum requirement for the number of items that need to be purchased in order to sell a multi-pack item. Use the drop-down menu to choose the percentage of multi-packs to be sold as the minimum order quantity. You can choose from 25%, 50%, or 75%. 

  • For example, a shopper wants to buy a pillow that comes in a box of 4, but you want to require the shopper buys at least 2 pillows out of that box of 4. Enable this setting and use the drop-down to require 50% of multi-packs to be sold as a minimum order quantity. 


In this example, if a pack of pillows came in a box of 4. 50% would require that two pillows must be purchased.

B. Sell individual multi-pack items that are from your local inventory.

If enabled, only the sale of individual multi-pack items that are in stock locally will be available for multi-pack splitting.

For more information on connecting your local showroom and warehouse inventory visit How to Manage and Import Local Inventory.

6. Select Save Changes.

Please Note: No matter what settings for multi-pack splitting are used, the following values won't change:

  • Product name which includes (Set of #)
  • Product description which may or may not include text describing multiple items
  • The Box contains # items (as this is describing the packaging contents)

How to Revert Back to the Original Carton Price

1.  Go to the Advanced Settings page under Price Lists.

2. Select the toggle to disable Multi-Pack Splitting.


3. Select Save Changes, and sync your catalog.

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