How to Share Collections from the Catalog Kiosk

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Collections can be shared by Phone or Email. Depending on the selected option, guests must enter a phone number or email address and accept a disclaimer before sending the message.

Please Note: The Send email to shoppers and Send text message to shoppers features must be enabled in the Device Groups > Settings to use the Send as Text/Email feature on the Catalog Kiosk app. This is the default setting in the Catalog App Manager (CAM).


Getting Started

1. While browsing Collections in a category, select a collection to view.



2. From the selected Collection's page, tap Send as Text/Email.



3. Select the delivery method from the two options Text or Email and complete the form. By default the product is sent as Text.


  • Phone Number (required): Enter the phone number to receive a text message.
  • Email (required): Enter an email to receive the email message.
  • Name (optional): Enter the name of the guest.
  • Sales Associate (optional): Enter the name of sales associate helping the guest.
  • Notes (optional): Enter any notes to display in the email body or on the text message landing page.

Please Note: Retailers can customize store-to-shopper communications, visit this article to learn more.


4. Read the Terms message and tap send.


5. The recipient will receive the text or email momentarily. Click View Collection.



6. You will be directed to a landing page that will include the Collection's image along with the individual products included in the collection.


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