How To Hard Reset a 22" I-Series (All-In-One) ELO Kiosk

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Most issues with 22" All-In-One kiosks can be resolved remotely. The Wondersign support team is able to restart and even reset/wipe the device remotely. In some, rare, instances a "hard reset" on the device is needed.

Below you will find steps for performing a hard reset on an Elo Android device (22" Elo All-In-One Kiosk). All user data will be erased and the device will be restored to factory settings. 

1. Unplug power
2. Hold HOME key and reconnect power
3. Continue holding HOME key until unit starts Android System Recovery
4. Press HOME key to select "wipe data/factory reset"
5. Press POWER key to select
6. Press HOME key until "YES - delete all user data" is selected
7. Press POWER key to select
8. After data wipe is complete, press HOME to "reboot system now"


The 22" kiosk might need to be reconnected to Wondersign's device management as well as your Wondersign account.


Please call 855-408-9966 (press 2 for support) to get support with this step.


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